Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekend Warriors

This winter has been unusually warm with no rain. This past weekend was no expection. On Saturday it was 80 degrees. Madness I tell you, simply madness. We decided to flee the heat and head for the hills. We loaded up the truck with our hiking gear and headed up to Auburn. 

Shane had never been hiking before. Sure we take lots of bike rides, go jogging, and general roaming around in the carrier but putting him in the hiking pack for an extended period of time? Were we asking too much of the little guy? Nope. In typical Shane fashion, with a giggle and a big smile we were off to explore the Auburn State Recrecation Area. 

Not wanting to push our luck, we kept the hike short. We had a great time. The flowers were starting to bloom and there were lots of butterflies. Shane loved hearing all the birds. Hopefully we can take more little family hikes like this and work our way up to his daddy's old stomping grounds of Yosemite.

Hiking is fun. So much fun, you just flop over and take a nap. 


  1. How cute is he?! HAHA love that he passed out on the hike... "this is nice people, but it's nap time." :) Looks like it was gorgeous out there!

    1. It was a nice day. A little warm even for Auburn. But definitely not as hot as it was down in Sac.