Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Disney Bucket List

Update for 2016/2017

My Disney Bucket List

Eat at Club 33 (2017:  I know someone who knows someone who can get me in. Fingers crossed that I will get the invite)
Spend a day looking for Hidden Mickey's
Be an Annual Pass holder
Ride in the Lilly Belle Car
Go on a Disney Cruise
Get a corn dog from the Little Red Wagon
Pilot the Mark Twain
Find the Mickey skull in Indiana Jones
Take a tour of the Pet Cemetery
Get a map of the jungle cruise and/or a death certificate from the Haunted Mansion 
Collect all the squished pennies
See the Eeyore Sign in Indiana Jones
Stay at a Disney hotel
Run a Disney Half Marathon
Go to Aulani
Ride Radiator Springs Racers at night

What is on your Disney Bucket List?


  1. You can print out your own copy of the Jungle Cruise map now at the DisneyBlog site...

    And it's nice to see our little podcast on a list with such other great shows. Thanks for supporting us.

    Stalker, um.. er... Skipper Kyle
    Tales from the Jungle Crews

    1. Thanks Skipper Kyle for letting me know. I really love your podcast, so keep them coming. One of the local tv anchors was a skipper, and I let him know about your show as well.