Sunday, March 22, 2015

Supper Planning Sunday's

   I've always been a planner. I love making lists and have a large collection of notepads and post-it's. One of the tasks I do weekly is figuring out our meals for the week. Generally, I do our grocery shopping on Sunday's. So on Sunday afternoons I take stock of what we've got in the fridge and I set to work. I have a large collection of cookbooks, a binder of recipes I've printed from the Internet or torn out of magazines, and of course my Pinterest boards. I'll do a scan of the weekly grocery ad, check for coupons, and get my list going.
   I've found that if I plan out our meals then I have less of those "I don't know what to make, let's just get takeout" nights. Jarrod has come to rely on knowing "what's for dinner" each day. Especially on taco night, he thinks about it all day at work. He loves himself some tacos. 
   To keep me accountable on our dinners, I created a chalkboard that we have up on the wall in the kitchen. It's nothing fancy, just a little board that I bought at Michael's that I decorated with some chalk pens. 

Here's what we are having this week.

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  1. I wanna come eat at your house! Sounds tasty! :) I wish we could plan ahead better. I have a white board on the fridge and I try to plan at least three or four options -- then they get moved around as the week happens. I don't complain because that means Brian is making dinner instead of me! :) Love your menu board!!! And I'm totally pinning these recipes! :)